Here’s some formal work I’ve done, sometimes with others.
For summer 2017, I will be working briefly at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ on blockchain applications to healthcare.
Ismini Lourentzou, I, Abhishek Sharma, and ChengXiang Zhai published Hotspots of News Articles: Joint Mining of News-Text & Social Media to Discover Controversial Points in News in IEEE Big Data 2015.
I worked on extending openSNP’s quantified-self support through Google Summer of Code 2016. openSNP allows customers of direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits to place their genotyping in the public-domain and aggregate literature about their variations.
A college research and travel tool that attempts to suggest schools based on an applicant’s profile. It’s in a private βeta as owner Greenberg Educational Group meets with potential investors.
Ismini Lourentzou mentored me for UIUC’s Promoting Undergraduate Research in Engineering (PURE) program in 2014. We began working on the controversy project; consult above.
I wrote MBS Now, a free, student-run web & iOS application, for my secondary-school. It allows students, faculty, and parents to receive intelligent updates throughout the year.
Extra Credit
In 2014, I graduated from Mannes College of Music’s precollege on Manhattan’s Upper-West Side under the guidance of Stephan Tieszen and Yoon Mi Hong. I was a violinist in the Philharmonic Orchestra and studied there for 6 years.